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Full day Drift training


If you’ve ever seen a drift car from close and you enjoy driving, it’s for sure one of your dreams to try it. The adrenaline rush you’ll get here is simply unforgettable. Not to mention that you’ll sit in a less than 1000 kg and almost 300 horsepower drift car.

On a training day, maximum of 2 trainees will participate, in order to ensure you’ll get a full focus from the trainer. While the other trainee has his practice driving the car, you’ll learn a lot from outside, watching the movements of the car and listening to the trainer’s instructions. You’ll learn everything from the theory to the practice that’s needed for a very strong basic level of drifting: spinning around, 180 degrees turning, doing doughnuts and handbrake turnings.

The language of the program is English.

The price includes:

  • Free door-to-door transfer for 2 people. (If you want to bring more people you can order it)
  • All you can eat and drink for 2 people (snacks and non-alcoholic drinks and a launch that you can choose from a menu).
  • Training with a professional instructor
  • Driving a professional drift car
  • Infinite fuel & tires
  • IMPORTANT! The training is available only for you, so your family or friends can’t try the DRIFT but they can see the training and they get “all you can eat and drink with a launch” service.

This is your chance to join this incredible VIP day. Please select the date:

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