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We provide unforgettable experiences to all those who try our Drift Taxi program or any of our Training programs.

“I’ve got a Drift Taxi from my girlfriend as a gift. It was specacular and furious.”

Toby Gallagher

“Last year I’ve been in 3 hours training. I’d never thought it’s gonna be so unbelievable experience, but it was truly unforgettable.”

Luke Barrett

“Unforgettable experience in an unbelievable city!” 

Alberto Espinoza

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What is actually Drift?

Drift means that you perfectly control the car even when it’s sliding or drifting. In fact, the point in this sport is that you no way move forward with the car the usual way. You have to keep the car continuously sliding.

With us you can get a taste of this exceptional feeling either as a passenger – sitting in the passenger seat or as a driver – sitting behind the wheel. The common in these 2 types of programs is that you will have a great help in the person of a professional Drift racer. As soon as you push the START button and get to hear the rumbling of the engine, adrenaline is going to spread over in your body in a second, from the top of your head all the way to your toes.

The feeling is not comparable to any other. In the first moment you’ll push the accelerator with shaky feet, but only in a couple of minutes you’re not gonna want to take it down from it. Sitting next to a prof racer you’ll have a big smile on your face even hours after the drifting, that’s for sure.