Whoever gets a training from him or simply sits next to him for a Drift Taxi ride, can be sure that the experience will last for a life time..

Out trainer Csaba Cselőtei started his Drift career more than 7 years ago. Since then he participated on a bunch of national and international competitions both individually and with his team. In 2015 he decided to share his knowledge and skills with others and founded his school, where he helps from the youngest age groups to the elderly people everyone with getting a taste of the world of Drift.

Drifting and Driving technique instructor, Drift Racer

Drift Cars…

All the 3 Drift cars are available not only for Drift trainings, but you also can rent them for competitions. All of the cars have a logbook which means that they comply with international regulations, so they are suitable to rent even for competitions held abroad.
You have to know about Csaba that he is an incredibly precise and patient instructor. It is simply impossible to get him lose his temper. He will remain patient no matter what you do.

Before teaching Drifting he used to work as a driving technique instructor. This work experience is a great base and support for him to professionally build up the trainings and to teach both theory and practice personalized to each trainee. He has thus a huge advantage compare to every other racer: he also has learnt how to transmit the knowledge of the art of Drifting.
His precise and professional preparedness will lead you not only to feel the Drifting while practicing but also to be able to get the whole picture in mind and understand why the car is doing whatever it does. You will be conscious in Drifting, and therefore you’ll get to a much higher level by the end of the training.

The Car is a BMW E46 AC SCHNITZER 330Ci.

This is the car our programs and trainings are running with. It has a logbook that complies with the international regulations and therefore allows the car to participate on competitions even abroad.


– 270 horsepower

– Modified steering angle, racing wheel

– 5-speed, and 2.5TD titanium synchromesh gear box

– Single mass flywheel, hydraulic hand brake

– Sintered clutch, reinforced construction

– Racing bucket seats, 4-point safety beltsLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.