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Drift Taxi (5 laps)


This program will be a unique experience for those who want to get a taste of the world of Drift. You’ll be sitting next to a Professional Drift Racer enjoying the incredible feeling of Drift.

It’s gonna be a real adrenaline rush when you feel the car sliding sideways throughout the track, the superfast load changes, and when you see how it is possible at the same time to pass the clipping points only by a few cm-s. This will be an unforgettable experience regardless of age or gender!

This program contains 5 laps with a professional drift car and driver.

The price includes:

  • DRIFT Taxi experiences (5 laps) with a professional driver and a professional drift car.
  • IMPORTANT! The training is available only for you, so your family or friends can’t try the DRIFT but they can see the training and they get welcome drink and snacks.

Please select a date when you would like to come for a Drift Taxi:

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