Questions regarding to Drifting experiences

No. The only criteria that your legs have to reach the pedals. If they do, nothing can stop you to come and have a ride.

No. If you’ve never driven a car, but you have the desire and courage to try, or even if you can drive but do not have a driving license, from our side there is absolutely no problem to let you drive our Drift Car.

All our vouchers are valid for 365 days. The expiry you can find on the voucher, under the barcode.

It is a BMW E46 AC SCHNITZER 330Ci.

It has a logbook, complying with international regulations.


– 270 horsepower

– Push-button start system

– 310 mm diameter brake disc

– Modified steering angle

– Hardened shock absorber – type RAJ

– Wheel spacer, equipped with pins

– 5-speed, and 2.5TD titanium synchromesh gear box

– Single mass flywheel, hydraulic hand brake

– Sintered clutch, reinforced construction

– Roll cage

– Racing steering wheel

– Hydraulic hand brake

– Racing bucket seats

– 4-point safety belts

– Glass fiber components

No. You can use your voucher on the date when you purchased.

It’s in Mogyoród, all the details are to come along with the confirmation after the purchase.

It is not dangerous at all. Security is the main aspect during our programs. Thanks to our professional trainer / driver you will not get in any dangerous situation.

The theory part takes not more than 5-10 minutes at every of our trainings, the rest is spent with driving. Obviously during the practice the trainer will occasionally stop you to give some useful instructions.

We are aware of the fact that the reason of this question is that some of our competitors communicate in their offers that theory is held as an extra time before the training, but in reality it’s not true. Those who offer 30 minutes trainings they also incorporate the theory in this 30 mins. Transparency is key for us, we want our customers to see details clearly.

NO! At us the programs stop, when the time is over. No matter how many times the tires get burnt, after a quick tire-change the program goes right on.

We recommend you to wear sporty, comfortable clothes. Regardless of the weather, we advise you to wear long sleeved top and long trousers.

If you will also drive, take the shoes you normally wear for driving. Are you a woman who can drive in heels, too? We still recommend for you, too, to put on flat shoes this time! J

You don’t need anything but the voucher. Everything else will be ensured by us.

The official pick up point is on Heroes Square (the centre of Budapest). After you make the order we will send you the plate number of the transfer car via SMS on the day of the event.

We will wait you on the Citypark Icerink’s parking lot. We will send the plate number of our transfer car on the day of the event.

Terms of use of the voucher

Within 30 days from the day of purchase you have the opportunity to cancel your purchase. You need to write an email to our customer service, to , and we will return the total value of the voucher and all the other costs applied, like packaging or delivery costs.

Within the validity period and before the use of the voucher, the program you picked can be switched to any other of our programs for free of charge. If the value of the newly picked program is higher than the originally picked, you only will have to pay for the price difference between the two.

There is no opportunity to use the voucher after it expired. If you run out of time, you’ll lose the right for using your voucher, and to participate on the program.

Further information in regard of this is available in our General Terms and Conditions.

Process of purchase

You can check and pick from them in the webshop, in the main menu

It’s simple and easy with the “Book now” button

You can get to it by clicking the basket icon on the top-right of the screen

To buy the program and to get to the cashier, simply click on the Checkout button

On the Cashier page you can choose which payment method you want to use

If you choose bank transfer, you’ll get an email from us with the bank details you’ll need for the transfer.

If you choose bankcard / Barion payment method, you’ll get redirected to the secure payment page of Barion, where you can immediately pay with the use of your bank card.

If you’d chosen bank transfer, you’ll get an email after we received the money, where you’ll find a button “Download the voucher”

If you’d chosen bankcard payment method, right after payment you’ll get navigated to the “Successful payment” page, where you can download the voucher. Also, you’ll get an email where you can download the voucher from.

Payment options

In our webshop you can pay with following type of bank cards:

– Visa

– MasterCard

– Maestro

– American Express

For a secure payment please click on the option “payment with bank card or Barion wallet”


Guide for the bankcard purchase

In our webshop you have the opportunity to pay with bank transfer. For this we will send you an email after your order, with all the necessary data (bank account number, name of bank account holder, etc).

We will send the voucher to your email address after the transfer reaches us.